Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 52 - Stake Conference in Puerto Varas!

August 25, 2014

Hey guys how are ya doing? It's been another great week. We've had a bit of good weather and a fantastic stake conference in Puerto Varas. That's right I got to go back and give juice (talk, catch up) with all of my friends (the Cortes' and the five other huge pioneer families that make up the ward) it was a great experience! Even after a short 6 weeks everyone seemed to remember me and can now pronounce my name! It was a great experience!

(Note: Puerto Varas is the area Hayden was in for only six weeks before he was transferred down south to Punta Arenas. Although he was only there for a short time it has been his favorite area and he got very close with some of the families. Puerto Varas is also very beautiful.

Puerto Varas

So Monday me and Elder Davis did a short intercambio. We went to the mall and looked for a good umbrella and some gringo food. Puerto Montt is pretty amazing. We found McDonalds , Pizza Hut, KFC and a few other choice gringo restaurants, it was pretty exciting! After we got my umbrella we came back up and emailed before we met up with the other elders in the house.  We then went out and worked and tried to look for all of our investigators whom have seemed to disappear...The rest of the week was about the same, we looked for people who just seem to not exist anymore.

But then Saturday came and we had the first session of stake conference here in Puerto Montt.  Most of my buddies from Puerto Varas showed up so it was great to chat a little before the talks. The talks were really inspiring, especially Lalo Cortes'. Afterwards Papito took us out to McDonalds for triple burgers. I'm not going to lie after a little over a year without eating a "100% all american beef patty" (I don't believe that either) I didn't die eating it, ok I might have even enjoyed myself, who am I kidding I just about died I was so excited! What can I say? I miss gringlandia!  Either way we had a good time and came home at about 9:30.

Sunday was even better but I have no time to write you guys I have no idea what happened! I just gave juice so I really cant tell you what happened it was great to see everyone and feel loved I guess. Well it's been a great week I love you all!

Elder Washburn

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