Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 38 - We Walk About 100 Miles Per Week

May 19, 2014

Hey guys, how are you doing?

I got to get back into the novel writing phase again I'm just getting a bit flojo (relaxed) I guess, sorry! This week not much really happened we walked around a lot got attacked by a few rabid dogs and on Sunday we had ribs! Other than that not much really happened, so I guess I'll just talk about my sector.  I don't think I've ever done that.

I'm in Rio de la Mano now, it's the campo-ish (country) part of the city and probably takes about a quarter of the city.  We've got by far the largest sector considering that there are 30 missionaries here covering the other 3 quarters. On the average day we walk about 12 to 15 miles with the occasional awful day of 20 with a grand total of 100 miles a week.  My shoes are a bit shot so I'll have to get my soles changed out pretty soon. My new companion is Elder Barney.  He's a great guy and a baseball player from Mesa Arizona and I recently found out that he was the pitcher. Thanks to him and a well thrown rock, I don't have to get rabies shots now... I've got next to know time left to write now so I'll have to cut out for the week but I can tell you right now that the ribs our barbeque fanatic of a member gave us were delicious!

I hope you guys all have an amazing week!

Elder Washburn

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