Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 49 - aaaaaa...Broken Keyboard

August 4, 2014

hey how are ayou doinag I just want ato agive ayou a heads up and tell you that there wona't be a novel this week athere really isn't that much to write about most of mya time was just spent packaing my bags that and its reallay hard ato write with all of these stupid a's aaaaaa the (the letter naot my districat...)   but reallay I alove it here with the exception of all of the rain. U0am going to byuy my self a good umbrella this coming p day.

Thank goodness I asked Hayden questions this week or I wouldn't know anything about his new area! 


1. What is your new address?

         No idea.

2. Dahianna wants to know the address and name of your ward so she can find your Mamita on FB. Do you have one? What is her name?

         We don't have one anymore but our ward is Presidente IbaƱez.

3. Who is your new companion? Where is he from? What is he like? Do you live with any other Elders? Who is your zone leader?

Linares, he's Peruvian and from a tiny little city in the middle of the amazon some crazy name in Quechua that means red earth (Pucallpa). I'm living in a house of 4 with Elder Souza from my first district.

4. What's your new house like?

The house is a lot better than the last one, no black mold and it doesn't drip.

5. How's your new district? Did you know any of the missionaries previously? How many missionaries are in it?

The new district seems pretty good. I still haven't met everyone but 3 of them were in Villarica/Pucon with me. I have 8 missionaries.

6. What do you think of Puerto Montt so far?

It’s rained every day I've been here but other than that I love it sorry about the random aaaaaaaaaaaaaas from atime to time my key boards broken.

7. How big is the ward? Are the members nice?

         We have about 120 active members and they're all amazing.

8. Have you heard of an Elder Alder that just arrived last week? His Dad was a friend of Dad's and Uncle Bengt in college. I heard the group was huge, like 29 missionaries!

I met Alder in the Punta Arenas airport. It was huge. (I think he meant Ackerman. Alder’s mom told me he is serving up north.)

9. I bought you new contacts. How many should I send you?

dona't send me any contacts I've used maybe a single package of the first box I really don't wear them. I could use some more socks.

10. Do you have a microwave?
         I have a microwave

Sorry so many questions! I love you!!!!!!

I love you too

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