Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 43 - "South Pole Chileans are Angry Chileans"

June 23, 2014

Hey guys!

I promised you a good letter so that’s what I'm going to do.  It was a good week and we ended up getting a lot of lessons in, we just didn't get in anything too crazy.

Monday we ended up going out with the elders in our district out to a military base a little outside of Punta Arenas to make pizza. We had a fun time making pizza and seeing a little snow. We all left with full stomachs and a good laugh. Elder Barney had a little too much of both (his chair broke out from under him) other than that we then went to Lider to buy food and came home. We then went out walking a bit until we went to a noche de hogar at the Hernandez house with a kid named Jimmy who was introduced to us by the Hernandez family this Sunday. He's a great kid who asks a lot of good questions and actually came to church this Sunday. Jimmy didn't get there till almost 9 but we still got a good lesson down about the Libro de Mormon.

Elder Washburn and Hermano Hernandez

Tuesday we got up studied and then headed out to our last district meeting of the cambio, it was kind of funny because we've only had 3 this cambio. It was a good meeting, we then came home and ate with the Diaz family.  It was great, I ate a little too much though, 7 completos... never again! We then headed out and walked around a lot, tracted and worked on el rescate until we headed up to Oscar and Diana's where we read the Book of Mormon and talked about church attendance. It was good, I'm still a little bugged that they still didn't come this Sunday but hey that’s life. We then went out and taught Genaro, an old eternal investigator that Hernandez introduced us to.

Wednesday we woke up and ran out the door to find out who we could watch the Chile EspaƱa game with, definitely didn't want to miss that!  David and Letti told us we could watch them all with them so we took them up on that offer because all of the next games will be early and Oscar is working. We then came home, ate lunch, studied and we went to David and Letti's at 3 to watch the game and CHILE WON!!!!!!!!!!! I was a little shocked to watch two goals in the first half on last cup’s champions but then again Holland beat them by 5... still great game. We then went out to contact, which was great because everyone was happy which doesn't happen very much.  Because lets be honest, "the south pole Chileans are angry Chileans"... I may have messed that quote up a bit (Elf) but when the average height down here is 5 foot I think you can substitute Chileans and elves... jk! Anyway, we got some good contacting in and then we went out to teach Angel... not much has changed... still old, still crazy, but hey an 84 year old recent convert... you got to love him! We still got in a cita with Oscar after we took Diana down to her classes, her mother also made us picarones which were delicious! After that we headed home and visited a few menos activos on the way down. Oscar is still great we just need to get him to OUR church (he's been going to the Austral ward).

Thursday was great.  All of our citas fell but we ended up going out with Hermano Hernandez and teaching some really good lessons with some older eternal investigators.  And then last minute we taught Jimmy with his mom, they're both really receptive and we now have permission to teach Jimmy and his mom honestly wants him to get baptized.

Friday all of our citas fell once again but we got in a ton of citas and found some great people, unfortunately they are all impossible to find, either working or studying but it seems like that’s how the majority of amazing people are, oh well we just need to be persistent.

Saturday we taught a ton and got a lot of people invited to church. Unfortunately the only people we could find today were eternal investigators. Oh well I'm sure they'll eventually progress it's just a matter of persistence and a little more time than we want to spend, but in the end it's all worth it.

Sunday was awesome we had a ton of people in the church and a few people we didn't even invite, unfortunately Oscar and Diana didn't show up... oh well maybe this next week. It's just been great to see Oscar go from not really wanting anything to a true testimony of the Book of Mormon, if only he would act on it now!!! We then went to lunch and set up a few citas before we ended up taking a collectivo to the stake priesthood conference. We came back with little to no time but we still managed to look for a few people before we had to go in.

Monday, CHILE LOST! We were robbed! We all watched two un called hands and heaven knows how many fouls! Oh well, this game didn't matter anyway were still moving up.

Well guys it’s been a great week I hope you've had the same, love you all!

Elder Washburn

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