Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 40 - Ribs on the Calefaccion

June 2, 2014

Ok here's the gigantic two week novel of a letter that I've been promising for so long! 

Hey guys we had a good week we ate really well and had a lot of lessons with members. Some weird stuff happened too, I shot a member in the head, made ribs with our heater, and we were asked by a drunk if we were nazis... made for an interesting week.

Monday was good but a bit hectic. We woke up and went to Zona Franka and bought some Costco stuff from Super G and got Elder Barney a hat. We then went to centro and wrote, afterwards we went off to the mall and saw the suit that I wanted to buy last week for 140$ at 40$, so I made the buy. We then went to Lider and bought some burgers and found cheesecake. We then came home and got Elder Barneys hair cut. Afterwards we passed by Christian and taught his Catholic mother in law. 

Tuesday we had a zone conference with the new zone (it split). Elder Gubler is still my zone leader, which is going to make this 6 out of my 7 cambios with him as my zone leader. It's bakancito or I guess just a little bit awesome! I've always thought that was a funny word. After the zone conference we went home and ate with the Vidal family and then took a collectivo to centro to pick up Elder Barney's bags, came back and changed out of our suits and headed up to Hermano Angel's. He told us that he still doesn't want the greater priesthood (Melchezedik) because he's too old. We then picked up Hermano Hernandez (a forensic psychiatrist who's from Buenos Aires /Mexico City / Santiago and visiting his daughter and grandchildren here) and took him to Viviana's house. We taught her and her son the plan of salvation and the 9 year old son started asking questions that I've got to admit I’ve never really thought about let alone have the answers to. I understand that there are a few things in this world that are above my pay grade... revelation speaking anyways, and I'm not really sure if I have to know anything about God's brothers, to be saved... 

Wednesday was a good day and it started off with some bbq. I threw a couple of spare ribs on the calefacción that I had rubbed the night before and wrapped in tinfoil. 

This is a calefaccion or a wood burning stove
They turned out a lot prettier than I thought they would. We studied and then I took a flat head screw driver and a wrench and carefully chiseled an ice sculpture with the half foot of solid ice that was once our freezer.... we then walked to the church and did el recate. Picked up our lunch, ate at home and studied. We then went out and talked to Christian about temple work and answered a few questions about premortal life. Our cita with Oscar and Diana moved to Thursday so we went to an inactive’s house.  When we were about to leave they came running down the street to stop us. The father wasn't home so we picked up Hermano Orlando and taught the plan of salvation to their 9 year old son. 

Thursday was good.  We woke up and ate spare ribs as we had weekly planning for the morning. After weekly planning we went out and grabbed our lunch from Aguers and came home. After studies we headed out and tracted until our cita with Diana. The cita was good. We ate huevos al pobre which are just scrambled eggs with pebre which is just an awesome chilean version of pico de gallo. We then taught the gospel of Christ to which Diana started crying and bore her testimony, they then committed to go to church! We did something after this but it apparently wasn't valuable enough to stick...

Friday we woke up, got showered and ate french toast. We went to the church and did el rescate.  After lunch we went out with Hermano Hernandez to teach some menos activos he knew, most were really receptive but they all work Sundays!

Saturday was pretty good. We woke up and got ready, studied and then went out walked a lot and found some really good people with the el rescate list, one of whose sister was a member but died a few years back he told us that he's been looking for the truth and really wanted to come back this next Friday. We then ran to the church to eat the completos that we had ordered to help the jovenes for their temple trip. We taught Viviana before we went out to Marco's house for dinner. He also let me shoot his gas powered airsoft gun... I haven't lost my touch but a ricochet totally pegged him in the head! If it matters it was a really tight group anyways...

Sunday was good. We got to go to church in my new suit and we ate lunch with the familia Caillapian. It wasn't ribs like the week before but it was still pretty good. We also went by a few menos activos families to teach.

Monday we woke up wrote home and I printed out another great advice letter from dad. Everyone seems to be doing fine we played soccer and went to Lider, taught Angel and then went home to make cheesecake.

Tuesday we had the first district meeting of the cambio which was pretty good.  Kind of funny because we're on week 4 of the cambio. We had some good practicas and then made a farewell video for President Rappleye. We went home ate lunch with Hermano Vidal and he told us about the crab fishing here and where to find cheap centolla. We then went up to teach Sarah. She was a lot more receptive than her husband but they still really loved the Book of Mormon when we explained it again. We tried to get a baptism invitation in but the husband had to run out to pick up one of their kids and we had to get out the door with him.

Wednesday we had intercambios I was with Elder Bustamante, an awesome Columbian metalero. We had a blast and ended up getting a few more lessons with members and a really good one with Miguel. Apparently the missionaries before us were just there to give juice, so we sorted that out. We then taught David and Letti and Gabriela’s daughter Aranza. The lesson with David was awesome! He's ready to be baptized he just needs to get to church!

Elder Washburn and Elder Bustamante

Thursday we ended the intercambio in the morning with ribs and cheesecake. We taught Diana and Oscar again and it was really awesome. I love her testimony and Oscar is really starting to progress. We just need to keep getting him to church so he can get a testimony of his own.

Sorry guys I'm out of time but I'll get the rest next week!Love you all!

Elder Washburn

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