Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 41 - It's Starting to Get Really Cold!

June 9, 2014

Hey guys!

It’s been a pretty good week. Not too much has happened out of the ordinary but overall it was a good week.

Monday after I wrote you guys we went out to Ovajero to play with a few other missionaries. We aren't allowed to play soccer but we take turns shooting at each other. We play a really fun elimination game every week for a few hours before going to Lider. I'm actually starting to get pretty good and I took out a few companionships this last week. Afterwards we went to Lider and bought food as usual and came home. Taught a few menos activos and then came back.

Tuesday we walked around a lot. It's starting to get really cold, not Utah bad but still cold.  We eventually stopped by Diana’s to set up a cita and ended up staying for once and a lesson. They’re really good decent investigators they just need to go to church because they're doing everything else! Still it was a good lesson and it's always nice to hear Diana’s testimony.

Wednesday we had a ton of lessons. First we went over to Hermano Angel’s where we talked about exaltation. He still doesn't believe us and really likes to teach us.... We then went up to the mar to teach Miguel with Hermano Hernandez, his mother was there and we had a really good lesson. We still just need to get them to church. We then walked over to Viviana, where we found her and her husband. We then came home.

Thursday was pretty good. We had an amazing lesson with Sebastian and Erica, with Hermano Ivan. He's an ex bishop and an amazing teacher.

Sorry guys I don't have anymore time but I love you all and will make up for it this next week.

Elder Washburn

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