Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 45 - Snow in July

July 7, 2014

Hey guys!

How are you all doing? This week has been pretty great! We’ve had a lot of fun and have been getting some good work in.

Monday we did the usual, we went to the chapel in Ovajero to play and the whole zone showed up so we just played fĂștvolley for a few hours and then headed to Lider. We then went out to work and taught Suzanna, an eternal investigator that randomly decided to start going to church on her own. We couldn't get Hermano Marcos to come but luckily she lives next door to Oscar and Diana so we were able to take Oscar over there. He's got such an amazing testimony, we just need to get him baptized and he'll be an amazing member. It's so weird to think that he was an atheist 3 months ago.

Tuesday we had district meeting, which was good. We have an amazing district. It was just normal until we did practices, the sisters' practice was amazing but ours was so bad it made one of the sisters cry... or maybe we just reminded her of the two awkward gringos that baptized her! Either way it was a good meeting and we celebrated the 4th with a red white and blue cake. Afterwards we went home and grabbed lunch, studied and then went out. We passed by all of our investigators but no one was home. I think we probably walked close to 20 miles, but at about 9 we bumped into Christian and taught him and his mother in law. 

Wednesday we woke up, studied and then went down to centro to meet up with the Zone leaders and give them our housing inventory. We ended up meeting half the zone in Correos de Chile. We then came back and had a little time left over to work on el rescate. Afterwards we went out to grab lunch at the familia Aguerro. Their son was there so we talked a lot about his mission in Santiago and his trip to Machu Pichu, lucky guy! We then went out and contacted till about 7 when we met up with Marcos to go to Jimmy's house. Such a great kid, he still wants to be baptized and he's coming to church, all we have to do now is meet his dad! We invited the mom to come to church and she's still really receptive just a little bit flojita. After that we tried to go to Leonardo’s and teach a new investigator, Carlos, but neither of them had time.

Thursday we had weekly planning as normal and then went to lunch. We headed out at three and taught Hermano Angel.  He was surprisingly lucid this lesson and understood almost everything, we're still working with him but he just doesn't understand that he doesn't have to be young and healthy to have the Melchezedik priesthood. We then went to Miguel's but he wasn't there so we passed by a few inactives that live by him. We then went to Oscar's and Diana’s to teach a little bit about the atonement. We had a really good lesson and then left them Brad Wilcox's amazing talk "His Grace is Sufficient."

Friday was a good day. We did el rescate in the morning and then we had lunch with the Bishop. We headed out at 3 and tried to contact a few references we had been given. We taught a lesson with David and Letti which went pretty great. Letti's now pregnant which kind of scares them because their son is a terror, but I'm sure it'll all work out. We then passed by Sarah and Ricardo but everyone but Ricardo was sleeping, que chanta. Afterwards we went to Gabriela’s and had a surprisingly good lesson with Aranza, she's starting to understand a bit more and she's finally going to pray about the Book of mormon. We've found that the problem with every single one of our eternal investigators is that they haven't read or prayed about the Book of Mormon. Afterwards we came back and celebrated the 4th with burgers and cheesecake!

Saturday was great we ended up tracting in the morning and then we had lunch with Marcos, which was amazing! Afterwards, we had a few hours to tract before we had to go to Patagonia to have a baptismal interview. We then caught a collectivo home and went to Jimmy's. We didn't have enough time to teach him but we invited him to church.

Sunday Jimmy has had 3 assistances in a row! He’s officially going to get baptized if we can just meet his dad! Sorry guys, out of time but I love you all!

Elder Washburn

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