Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 53 - It Really is a Small World!

September 1, 2014

Note Mom sent to Hayden:

So I have a cool story to tell you.  I mentioned to you that we went and visited Grandpa Washburn tonight and Uncle Dave and Aunt Sue were there. While they were there we talked a little about your time in Punta Arenas.  Well, when we were on our way home, I got a call from Aunt Sue and she told me after they left Grandpa's they stopped at her sister's and they met her visitor from Chile that was on his way up to BYU Idaho.  Aunt Sue showed him a picture of you and he said he knew you. He said to tell you that he is from Punta Arenas and his name is Oscar. He speaks English and had just recently returned home from his mission.  Do you think you remember him?  Apparently, Aunt Sue met him several years ago because he was a foreign exchange student living with aunt Sue's sister's son in Michigan. Aunt Sue met him at a wedding at the Manti temple (in a previous year).

How cool is that? It's amazing that because of the gospel you can find people you know out of all the billions there are out there.   What are the odds that Aunt Sue would bump into him again and that you would be serving in that part of Chile at the same time he returned home. Pretty neat!

Hayden’s Response:

Seriously she met Oscar? I love that guy! I knew that he was going to Idaho but what are the odds that he would meet Aunt Sue! We were really good friends.  He served in Mozambique, Portuguese speaking, and has amazing English! Ya we hung out at all of the stake meetings and I went out teaching with him with my district leader Elder Johnson. That’s great, made my day!

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