Friday, August 29, 2014

Week 50 - My First District Meeting

August 11, 2014

Hey guys how are you doing? Guess what? This time next year I'll be headed home! My release date is 11 of August.  I'm doing fine, all be it a bit wet! It’s been a pretty hectic yet at the same time a slow week.

Monday we cleaned the house and went to Lider. The house was a wreck, we ended up throwing out about 50 pounds of rotten food and I cleaned all of the dishes for the 3rd time this week...woof, afterwards we went to a members house and picked up Carlitos, a future missionary and went out to Romina’s house where we mostly talked about faith. It was a good lesson and she understood all of it now she just needs to go to church.

Tuesday I had my first district meeting, it went pretty great considering I didn't do anything at all. I spent days planning for it and in the end we just ended up talking about our investigators and their needs, which was only supposed to take half an hour but took two instead. Oh well, the zone leaders liked it and now I know my district’s investigators. Afterwards we all ate lemon pie for Elder Bustamante's birthday, no tortaso (cake in the face) but it was fun anyway! After lunch we walked around and tried to setup citas with no luck, so we went to a inactive/super active house of the familia Bahamondez, where we found Jose a new investigator that they brought to church last week and Gloria another golden investigator that invited us to her house for Saturday. We talked about the restauration and introduced the plan of salvation and gave her a folleto. Afterwards we walked around and did contacts until we came home.

Wednesday we went out in the morning to do service (chop wood) but it ended up falling through so we contacted until lunch. After lunch we went out contacting and found some really cool people. As we went to visit an old member, a man came out calling “elders, como estan?” Figuring he had to be a member, we went over to visit him, turned out he had rented his home out to the elders about 15 years back, and he's a professor of electrical engineering and mechanics, aka smart cookie, we came in for a sandwich and talked about the bible and the restauration. Afterwards we went to Ignacia’s house, she's ten years old and her grandmother is a recent convert, we went in and did my baptism by fire object lesson, talked about authority and put her with fecha bautismal. It was great because she already had her answer but just needed to recognize it and at that point she new that she didn't want to go through her first communion first. It was awesome because when we told her that we needed permission from her dad she called right up and put him on speaker phone so we could hear his answer. Awesome guy, he told her that they had talked about it and that it was her decision, and that he just wanted her to be happy, he then asked when he was going to be able to sign the papers... absolutely amazing!

Thursday weekly planning in the morning and I got to admit I don't know what happened after that...

Saturday was amazing! We had our cita with Gloria and Jose was there along with an inactive member from the Bahamondez family who bore his testimony like crazy and promised to go to church the next week. We put Gloria and Jose with fecha and then invited them to come to church. Gloria absolutely loved the message and was sure that it was true. Afterwards we played ping-pong with a couple of members and investigators in the chapel as an elders quorum. Hno Gonzalez and I killed everyone, fantastic day!

Sunday, Gloria is amazing! It turns out that the Bahamondez family didn't pick her up but that she went over to their house to ask for directions to the church. They ended up taking her there, they were just running a bit late but still, absolutely amazing!

Great week don't have time to write anything else but Iove you all!

Elder Washburn

P.S. next week we have a baptism! Woooohoooo!

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