Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mexico MTC - Week 5

October 3, 2013

Hey Mom,

Love you so much! Today's been pretty good except waking up at 5:00 am so I could get my laundry done with my companion.  He wouldn't wake up so I had an hour of personal study instead. That was ok because I've almost read the Book of Mormon from start to finish in the last 4 weeks! The weather has been great for the last couple of days and it's only rained like 5 times in the last two weeks. The volleyball pit is actually dry! And we don't have to lose our shoes in the mud getting there! Volleyball has by far been the most fun I have had here. (besides cage soccer, but then, what bad idea isn't fun?) The other thing we have been doing a lot of in the last couple of weeks is ping pong and I do say I've gotten pretty good at it! We play king of the hill mostly because we found out the hard way that trios just don't work! I'm not the best but what I can do is de-throne! If someone’s been on court a little too long you can almost be guaranteed I'm the one to get them off. I guess staging coups is one of my new specialties... No, I'm pretty good until the worst person at ping pong comes in to soundly beat me (Elder Nanto)! Other than that we mostly just study and hang out at the "tienda" which literally means tent but apparently means a small store here in Mexico. Found that out when I was reading 1st Nephi, "and my father dwelt in a convenience store." I was very confused to say the very least. I've been having a really good attitude as of late, which is really helping with everything! As I told you earlier, the only bad thing that has happened today was losing my keys and even then I figured out how to open the door with a coat hanger. Anyways, so I can definitely say I learned something new. Nanto had the same problem with the actual door to his and Taylor’s room yesterday, and he tried to use his high school education to open the door. Well in reality, I simply mean he tried jamming his laminated high school diploma card into the door. It didn't work but it was funny as heck to watch! Well I hope you’re having a good week and that your anniversary was a good one! 21 years, I admire your patience! jk But seriously, congrats and BLACKJACK! Can't wait till your 23rd when I will actually get to be there! Tell everyone I love them and that I wish Welles, Scarlett, Oakley, and Scott the best of luck.

Love you!

Elder Washburn

Also I found out that I’m leaving Monday not Tuesday! So one less day in the MTC. My last actual class is tonight, the rest of the days are just field prep and orientation and of course General Conference!

Elder Bellus & Elder Washburn sporting fresh haircuts!

Robbins blowing out his candles

"MAGIC" cardboard candles! Notice the flames are missing?

Elder Nantos was thirsty!

My District at the temple

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