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Mexico MTC - Week 1

September 5, 2013

Ok mom, sorry its taken me so long to write back but they skipped my first PDay.  So we've been having to ration our laundry... no, but in all seriousness, I've been going crazy waiting 2 weeks to write my family and catch up.  I think I'm just going to start with my journal entries.

Day 1

It's  my first day at the Mexico City MTC or the CCM.  I've got a pretty cool companion who is also going to the Osorno mission. The flight was pretty long and it wasn´t helped by being unlucky enough to get the "random" security check at every check point. Sister Jones seems very nice and I can´t wait to break into those cookies Aunt Sue made. I brought and found a mosquito net but found no deet. (*Note: it was in the med bag but I haven´t had to use it with that awesome Permethrin.) Mosquitos are everywhere but no bites so far. I'm still a little nervous about the language but I'm sticking it out. I can´t wait to write home.

Day 2

Joseph Nanto, North Carolina
Sean Taylor, Ohio
Shawn Robbins, Utah
Soren Mark Larsen, Kansas

Loving my group! These guys are hillarious! It's night now and we just had some great conversations with some locals, all of whom had graduated from Benemeritos! Most of it was just exchanging slang terms and talking about home but it was still great. My companion is a good guy. The day started with an interesting breakfast, a hot dog bun smeared with beans and cheese. (*Note: Dad there are few to no mexican dishes and no hot sauce or salsa.  Food kinda sucks and I'm really disappointed.) What followed was a short lesson, a meeting with our president and then lunch. Ham glazed with mango, not too bad after that breakfeast. After that we went to a class where my roomates were already up front. Before us were two couches with a table in between.  Basically a fake sitting room. I thought groups would take turns playing investigators and missionaries but I was wrong. Shortly after an actual investigator (*Note: found out the investigators  are our instructors) entered the room, and after two missionaries gave their testimonies they left Samantha to us. We proceeded to convert this woman and I could see the spirit work through us and saw it in her eyes as she felt it. Samantha had recently lost her father and was angry with God. All she needed to hear was that God truly did love her and that her father was still alive and with Him. The next investigator was Guermo.  We talked with him but he didn´t have many questions until I asked him how he prayed. I asked if he gave memorized like the hail marry and lords prayer. I told him how we prayed and he liked the idea of a conversation with God. Still loving it here but need to take some pictures!

Day 3

Today was a little less fun, but we finally met the president of our branch Hermano Christensen, a doctor from Utah, he apparently knew Grandpa Washburn pretty well and was happy to meet his grandson. Afterwards my companion and I were called to be district leaders.  Still learning the language little by little. A bit less nervous.

Day 4

Still not as fun as day two. The roommates and I  are still getting along and I'm starting to like the new guys that were added to our district at the last meeting, Elder Boulton and Elder Bellus. Still not having any moments nearly as spritual as the second day which is kind of a downer. Love these guys although it´s kind of hard to stay on topic and focused with all of these hilarious conversations and side comments.

Day 5

I´m hanging in there. Spanish is getting a lot easier but not learning as much as I would have hoped. I get really distracted when studying and can't remember as much as I would like to. Lessons with the companion are getting a bit better.  We played indoor/street soccer today and it was way fun.

Day 6

It's my first Sunday and I taught my first lesson as a district leader and over half of it was in Spanish. It went pretty well, better than I woud have expected.  I taught how to obtain Christ like attributes.

Day 7

Decent day, I LOVE everyone here. We had a decent Spanish class. I'm still not able to speak too well but I´m learning. Missing the family a lot but we are all really missing music. After dinner me and a couple of guys just started belting out random songs from Queen´s Bohemian Rhapsody to some Les Mis.  It was so much fun but I still can´t believe I joined in! It was fantastic till the funniest guy in our class started singing the day that music died.  I really miss it but my life is still great without it and I´m really greatfull for all the new friends I'm making. Didn´t play soccer today but played some sting pong (minus the stinging) with Elder Nanto and some hermanas bonitas! Had a blast! I know I got two years but I still miss being able to flirt. What I'm really missing right now is just sitting down and talking with Dad.  It's 10:46 pm and usually we´d be watching Doctor Who or a documentary or something  and just be talking, me an him. Little sad but I can make it!

Day 8

New guys just came in, I feel kinda sorry for them remembering my first day. I still can´t wait to email home on Thursday. (I will admit a little ironic now...) Missing our pday was awful, especially for it being my first week. Starting to feel the sprit a little more but haven't had any experiences as inspiring as day 2. We talked in Spanish for the whole class today and that was a big confidence booster. I´m still a little shy and feel like I should pray for courage. Today me and Nanto had a funny conversation. How much would an umbrella slow a fall? We didn´t push Nanto off the thrid floor (no matter how tempting) but we did push him on a wheely chair with or without an umbrella and meassured the difference with the number of tiles he crossed. It got even better when Nanto ran into some tables and knocked them over. I got some pictures together with me, Boulton, Bellus and Nanto; but nothing did the moment justice. Had a blast today!

Day 9

I ate the last cookie, need I say more? The day was semi-sweet...
I participated in a blessing, but a man broke his ankle to recieve it. Poor Elder Gleed was hopping over a miniture river the rain had caused when he landed wrong and rolled it. He was called to Osorno so we are pretty tight. Rains almost everyday here. Always around evening after dinner just like clock work. Going to have to learn to love it since I´m going to Osorno! Pdays tommorow and we´re going to the temple and I finally get to write home! Also got through 8 nights in a mosquito infested hole without getting bit until last night! I'm declaring a war, or at the very least, a personal vendetta. Sun tsu don´t fail me now... PS I just put up the net last night, a little awkward set up but it works and also I´ve gotten remarkably good at killing mosquitos with my  bare hands. My roomies say there scared of ME now.

Most of all I miss you guys so much, yet at the same time I love it here. I hope I put in enough detail for mom but as you know she is hard to please... I love you all and will see you soonish... 2 years is never as long as one would think.


Elder Washburn

The new Mexico City MTC.   Formerly Benemeritos, thus the "B"

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