Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mexico MTC - Week 2

September 12, 2013

Day 11 

Baptized our "investigator" yesterday, but didn´t feel like we did much today. We watched a video response from our investigator "Camilla" who specifically mentioned me asking her the baptisimal questions when she said she wasn't ready.  I felt decent as for studying the language we only learned future tense today.

Day 12
We are getting to know our new teacher Hermana Christensen aka Camilla, and she's a bit stiff but I still like her.  Here are some funny experiences that I missed writing about or happened today. Yesterday Johnson lost his rings from Israel while running in from the soccer field during a down pour, by far the worst we'd had that week. So, I lead a group of guys from our district onto the field to search 20 minutes! Later and wet to the bone, Johnson realizes that he left them in his jean pockets... Today, Nantos is getting dressed for gym when he unbuttons one shirt to find another! Being really tired and sick, like the rest of us, he had put a shirt on brushed his teeth, went back to his room and put on another shirt and didn't realize it till 4:00 in the afternoon! He stood there looking at his shirts for like a full minute!  Funniest thing I've seen yet!

Day 13
 It's Sunday so no classes and we watched a movie called The Legacy.

Day 14
Today has been a really good day. Spanish is coming a long much faster. Nosotros hablamos solamente in espanol!  Kind of and then we get frustrated or bored of not saying anything but thats ok! Today me and Johnson taught an amazing lesson.  Our new investigator (still Hermana Christensen) is Laura. After our lesson and after I shared some experiences Hermana Christensen cried and had to compliment me in english. Afterwards my companion told me that we really need to work on our lessons because that one was terrible.  We also got to watch a video of Elder Holland speaking and I got a pretty cool quote out of it. " disciples of Christ, the man who suffered through each of our individual pains and sins, how dare you ask, why you have to suffer but for a moment of his sorrow, a table spoon of the bitter cup he drank."

Day 15
Feeling really home sick, and well just plain sick, my throats killing me. We had a great speaker at the devotional today. His name was Alfredo Mirrio of the area 70. He was also the last principal/director of the Benemerito School. The guy was hillarious but had his deep moments too.  I liked his talk.  He only spoke Spanish but I caught 90% of it so it was a huge confidence boost.

Day 16
Really sick now, I´m infected! My throat hurts a lot more now but the Hall's cough drops are only 3 pesos here so I should be fine. Spanish is still coming along nicely. Our district knows more and speaks better than a lot of the "6 weekers" I've met. 

Hello family! There's what happened this week. Nothing too bad, nothing too great. Just an average week. I didn't write you guys a novel like last week but I sent like four pictures so thats like 4000 words right? I really am loving it here despite what it may look like from my journal entries, the only thing I don't like here is the food!  Still missing you guys but I know where I belong. Tell grandpa I'm sorry about the swiss cheese rock......



My District at the Mexico City Temple

The LDS Temple in Mexico City

Elder Robbins and me "in a box"

"The Net!"

My hogar
Left to right:  Nantos, Johnson, Robbins, Larsen, Boulton? and Bellus


Best meal so far!

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