Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 25 - Saying Goodbyes in Villarrica

 Familia Barria

February 18, 2014

Hey guys,

Well I'll just try to sum up this amazing week with the little time I have left on the server. Monday I left the cyber and went out to lunch with Elder Souza and Elder Palmer and we hit up the Taquería Azteca which as usual was amazing! We left there and went to Lider where I proceeded to buy some American junk food with Elder Paulson. Because when you’re leaving in the next few days there’s not really much of a point to buying anything else. We then left came home, cleaned a bit and got ready to head out. We left and didn't teach anyone till we came to Barbara’s house and then we taught an amazing lesson on the Atonement! It was going fairly average until after I had just finished bearing my testimony and Barbara's father the ex-member, who doesn't really want us there and really doesn't like to be around when we are, walks in and bears his own testimony of the Atonement and how he can never stop trying to repay a debt that he can't ever repay and how grateful he was for the Savior. Then he started talking about his old church life and how much he used to love to read the Book of Mormon! It was incredilble!

The next day was pretty sad.  I said my goodbyes to Sergio and the family, Jesse and taught a lesson to Carlos Ramierez.

Oh my gosh I'm out of time again I promise that next time I will use the whole gosh darn hour to write a behemoth of a letter!

Love you guys sooo much!

Elder Washburn


Sergio and his daughter

My District in Villarrica

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