Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 24 - I'm getting transferred!

February 10, 2014

Hey guys,

I’m getting transferred!  Puerto Varas! The prettiest area in the mission!  Everyone hates me right now ;) My companion is Elder Abarca. It’s a Spanish name but everyone has told me he is super gringo! I move on Wednesday.

Puerto Varas

 It’s been a pretty good week! After writing you guys we walked to Lider and I spent 16 mill instead of 15.  I know, extremely irresponsible of me but I only have one year left to be a teen... and lets be honest who can decide between steak and cake, so I took both! Went out at 6 as usual, didn't find anyone but as we were about home we said hi to a man in his yard and started talking to him. He had gotten hit with a truck and while it's healing, he still has a pretty massive head wound.  Well we started to teach a little when his daughter came out with a list of scriptures for us to read, you know to destroy our faith and convert us to the Pentecostal faith... what any 15 year old would do... and then his other daughter who knew a ton about the Book of Mormon, and as I knew and Elder Wise figured out, not in a good way... and then his wife... well by then it was four on two but we got a few actual decent lessons out of it and "resolved" all of their questions.

Tuesday was great! I woke up, got in my suit and got all of my things ready for my intercambio (split) with elder Souza and for my birthday.  I found out that the zone leaders and all of Pucon was going to be there and you just don't have many occasions to have a birthday party with half your zone! So I filled my zippo lighter, sharpened a knife, made a case for the knife, brought some candles, the cake of course and headed out. We got there and it turned out that the sisters had made me a pie and wrapped a gift for me! Everyone sang happy birthday and made sure to include Sister Biggs (her's is next week). We cut the cake and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be.  It's called mil hojas and it's essentially phyllo with a literal ton of manjar. But I had my cake and ate it too so I can't really whine about it. After that I went to Volcan with Elder Souza, we had a couple of citas (appointments) fall and it rained a ton but we ended up teaching a really cool family.  In the end, he did want me to teach the curse on the Lamanites though... luckily I was smart enough to opt out. We came home, planned, and then he taught me how to cook the perfect pot of rice. Woke up the next day and after a hilarious attempt to have a one handed push up contest we finished the other half of the pie the sisters gave me and opened the present to find a kinder egg. I got a sick gorilla and some grizzly bear stickers! Came home and opened the presents from home and got a fantastic Duck Dynasty card, some ties and 3-2-1 cake mix!  We had a fun noche de hogar with the Presidente and Sergio and finished the night off with some birthday steak! I'll have to write about the rest of the week next week because I'm out of time but I can tell you right now it was fantastic!

Love you all!
Elder Washburn 


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