Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 27 - Six Months Out!

March 3, 2014

Hey guys how are ya doing?

This week was a bit slow, but other than that it was great. Monday after I wrote you guys we went to Jumbo to meet with the zone leaders Elder Jones and Campbell. I found and bought an A&W Rootbeer, it was amazing! We then went out to Duncan donuts for lunch with them. It was pretty amazing to have some donuts, a Coke and a pastrami sándwich. We then all hopped into a taxi and headed to the Cortes' frutería where I grabbed some bell peppers, onions, cilantro, limes and about thirty eggs, which I've eaten all. It's amazing how much I eat in the morning. Well all of this was for the fajitas we had later, which where amazing. Other than that it was a really slow day. All of our investigators have disappeared or are busy. We can't find Joel and Ingrid is at the hospital in Puerto Montt with her brother. So it was a slow day but we came back and made some awesome fajitas.

Tuesday we had a district meeting so I woke up and started tinkering with the califont and while the wáter was running whipped up some "mexican" eggs. I got showered, put my suit on and we headed to district meeting. District meeting was pretty long so we came home a bit late for lunch. We headed out at 3 like usual and found and taught an inactive member with a ridiculously sad outlook on life.  We were teaching the plan of salvation and he asked us why life was so horrible. So I pulled off my tie and held it with my arms stretched and tied a knot in the middle and said this is our life. It goes on forever in both directions with a little knot somewhere in the middle. It's an annoying little thing, it's got it's twists and turns and it's messed up at times and we can't always make sense out of it. But, from an eternal perspective when we take a step back, it's just a bump, an infinitesimally small snag in the grand scheme of things in comparison to the eternities before and after. His view was that life was just a big knot and that's all he really wanted to focus and care about. We tracted a bit, taught Freddy and then came home.

Wednesday. Woke up and made omlettes. We headed out with the laundry and then tracted a bit and came in for lunch. After lunch we headed to the mirador to have some citas and knock some doors before our lesson with the Bishop. Everything fell so we ended up teaching some menos activos. Well the recent converts we were going to teach at 8 flaked out as well so we had a meeting with the Bishop about the work. It turned out that the last missionary before me had refused to work with the Bishop or come to executive Ward meetings and Ward counsel, which really bugged me because it destroyed the wards confidence in us. We then tweaked the Ward misión plan and the Bishop gave us some menos activos to visit and drove us home.

Thursday was awesome it was Elder Abarca's birthday and it also marked my 6 months out. Breakfast as usual was eggs, califont still a pain, and our investigators are still ridiculously hard to find but we had a noche de hogar planned at 8 so none of this mattered. Tracted and didn't find anything but at 8 we came to the noche de hogar to find a bunch of birthday decorations and a huge cake with candles! Well after Elder Abarca blew out all of the trick candles, Marisa shoved his head in the cake. Just as he got up it was my turn and he destroyed the cake. I'll have to show you guys the pictures next week, it was a really great night.

Friday I had an intercambio with the district leader in Frutillar which was an amazing experience. I'll have to write you guys about it next week though because I'm out of time again!!!! Dang it! Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Washburn

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