Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 30 - Going down to baptize penguins!

March 23, 2014

This week has been pretty amazing but it ended a little bitter sweet. Monday not too much happened. We cleaned and prepped for the move, went to Jumbo and emailed. After that we walked around, set up some citas for the week, did a little contacting and came home. 

Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with Freddy besides the fact that he just really doesn't want anything to do with the church... Other than that it was an amazing lesson.  We all did our part and the spirit was there, he just still doesn't have an answer and doesn't want to search for it either. Afterwards we tried to get a hold of Ingrid but she was in Puerto Montt. So we contacted, knocked a bit and then came home.

Wednesday was awesome. I absolutely love living in a house of four! So we woke up in the morning, packed, cleaned a bit and then hopped in one of the Cortes' vans and drove to the house. We unpacked and then I headed out with Elder Jones, one of the zone leaders we live with, to pick up my carnet. We picked it up so I'm officially legal in Chile right now. We then came back to the house and went to the mamita's right across the street. The food is so good, nothing but gourmet soups, bicstec (?) and fresh made juice. After that we had a correlation meeting, tried to get a hold of Ingrid and then when we went back to the fruteria to talk to Mauricio Cortes about some things, the zone leaders randomly showed up in one of the vans and told us to hop in so we did and ended up getting taken to papitos birthday party! We had a huge pichanga and partied till 9:55 when we had to walk across the street to get back to the house... oh a pichanga is steak, chicken, pork, and chorizo with tomatoes, avocados, olives, and cheese all covered in french fries. We then planned and gave juice until 11.

Thursday was also pretty great.  We went down to clean the house in the morning and found the familia Otay. These families are so amazing.  I just found out yesterday that the opinion of the Cortes family is that all the missionaries in the world should just have to rely on the ward families for everything. Of course it does help if you have the best fruteria in Puerto Varas, but still it's kind of awesome. Well we finally had a lesson with Ingrid, but Carlos was there so we didn't get much done.

Friday we just partied for the most part, nothing really happened.  I'll just skip to the cool stuff on Saturday.

Saturday we had a baptism with the zone leaders.  It was great!  Their convert Angela is so strong.  The baptism was amazing and they invited her cousins, an inactive family that we knew but had no idea that they were related.  Afterwards we headed to Papito’s where we ate these amazing mushroom empanadas I'm gonna try and figure them out today. Afterwards we went back to the house where I made the zone leaders some obra marvillosas to celebrate, they almost died.

At about 11p.m. the AP’s called with cambios and this winter I'm going (flying) down south to baptize some penguins at the bottom of the world! That’s right Punta Arenas baby!!! I've had so much luck with cambios!  I've hit all of the prettiest parts of the mission! Pucon, Villarrica, Puerto Varas and now Punta Arenas, Rio de los Manos! Now I get to say that I've survived a winter down in Antarctica with 90 mph wind and snow.  Woooh! Gonna love it! I'm excited and disappointed at the same time. I should have gotten an email with flight information last week but I didn't and the zone leaders we've been living with have known my cambio for about 2 weeks now. The biggest thing I'm worried about is my bag. I've talked to everyone that has been there and it's simply not that cold. The only people that suffer are the latinos who aren't used to the cold. It’s simply just not as cold as Utah. I'm still wearing a short sleeve here. More good news is that they've got gas heating and no fleas! (I told Hayden that memories fade and not to be naïve.  They use the term “arctic cold” for a reason!  It means it’s REALLY COLD!)

My new companion is Elder McDonald from West Valley. Elder Abarca just got promoted to district leader and he's staying.  My replacement is Elder Denis. He is from Frutillar, so I know him pretty well. I've heard that Elder McDonald is a really good guy.  Elder Campbell knew his trainer and had met him a few times.

Well I got to go, not much time left but I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Washburn

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