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Week 54 - Future Missionaries

September 8, 2010

Hey guys!

How are you doing? It hasn't been much of a week but a couple of cool things have happened. I really don't remember what happened in the middle of a couple of cool experiences that happened so I'll just write what I do remember.

Monday was pretty great, woke up and went running with Elder Davis and then we got back cleaned the house a bit and woke up the other elders and cleaned some more. We then ended up reading our letters and putting in numbers.  We went to Jumbo where we walked around a bit and looked for the ingredients to make some Remoulade sauce (amazing cajun fry sauce) and calamari. I bought all of the calamari they had, which ended up being a bit under a kilo. We then came home, put the squid in the fridge and then went to the cyber to write. Came back to the house and we started to clean and cut the squid. We then breaded it in flour and fried it. In the end we just about died after eating a pound a piece and it only cost me about two mil or 4 dollars, not a bad deal. Me and my comp Elder Linares then went out proselyting at six and passed by a few members we knew and ended up at J’s house where we had a short lesson.

Tuesday was a bit interesting. I woke up like normal, hopped in the shower as quick as I could, got dressed and started finishing final touches for my district meeting. I finished at about 9:30 and we got ready and headed out. Got to the church at 10 and started setting up. I wrote the numbers, put up a few tables and made sure that everything was ready. The zone leaders and the other district leaders got there a few minutes later and we started at 10:30 at about 11ish, half way through my meeting, president called so I tried to organize some practicas and ran out the door. It turned out that it was for my companion but I still had to stay with him so after about 30 minutes or so I came back in and tried to cram an hours worth of material in 15 minutes and delivered a district compromise which I really hope works. After that we hung around for a bit and I talked with my buddies Elder Bustamante and the other district leader Elder Terra, and then we went out to the familia Bahamondez's house for lunch. We then came home studied a bit went out and then taught a few lessons.

Presidente Ibanez District
Hna Paxman, Hna Ramirez, Hna Figueredo, Hna Contreras, Elder Linares, Elder Souza, Elder Washburn (DL), Elder Davis

Wednesday not much happened but we had an amazing lesson with Jose. We ended up taking one of our future missionaries Carlos, he's going to Buenos Aires sur this November. We got in and didn't even really have to teach.  Carlos was on top of it baring his testimony and teaching the points of the restauration really clearly and then inviting J to pray and be baptized, in the end he accepted and prayed to know that the Book of Mormon and what we were teaching was true the spirit flooded the room. We left shortly after knowing that he would receive his answer soon.

Elder Davis, me, Jose, and Elder Souza

Thursday not much happened.  We ended up going to central to take care of some visa stuff for Linares. Later we had ward correlation and found out that we had to do something in the talent show, so we decided that we would sing querido juan (dear john) by the Corbatas Amarillas

Friday we practiced for the talent show with Carlitos on the guitar and Emanuel, another future missionary, singing with us. In the end it wasn't so bad and we got the whole crowd to laugh. It was a fun night. I'll have to try and send you a video.

Saturday we taught a few people and stayed in the house a bit because my comp was sick. We then cleaned the chapel from 6-9 because no one had cleaned it in several months. In the night the zone leaders called me with cambios. (transfers)

Sunday we had daylight savings so almost no one came to church and all of our investigators were working.  Other than that we had a good lesson with Jonathan and a few other menos activos.

Well I've got to go! Sorry it was a bit short on details. I promise to send some next week. I love you all and  have an amazing pday for those of you in the field and an amazing monday por los de mas!

les quiero muchisimos

Elder Washburn

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