Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 36 - Cinco de Mayo!

May 5, 2014

Hey guys how are ya doing?

I have little to no time this week after setting up my skype acount so I'm going to try and write this letter as fast as I can! This week was ok, nothing too special happened but I told you I'd fill you in on my last week so hopefully this letter won't be too dry.

Saturday normal day until about 4:30 when we stopped by Sarah the woman I contacted last week. Her husband invited us in and we talked for a bit before we taught the restauracion. The mother and the kids paid a ton of attention and when we mentioned the Book of Mormon her son Gerardo's eyes got really big and he shot into his room to pull out a pristine Book of Mormon that he found in the street. We asked the family to read and pray and they gave us an enthusiastic yes. We then went on divisions with the priesthood quorums. I went out with Hermano Angel, he's 83 years old and a little nuts but I love him anyway! After a few houses failed we went to the pf family with the bipolar mother. Angel sang, started to talk about visions and then shared some poetry. I reeled him back into reality and we talked about the gospel after a prayer. The mom was in a good mood and we left before she threw a vase at us.

Sunday started daylight savings which means it's now pitch black at about 5:30. We ate lunch at Hermano Chito’s house. We had awesome churrascos the size of my head. We then tried to go tracting the new poblacion but after knocking on doors I felt prompted to go knock a house across the street with a green Toyota. A man in his 30's stepped out to tell us he didn't have time. I asked if there was a time that would be better and he waved us in. We taught him and his son (Richard and Nick).  After he told us about the doctrinal issues of the testigos de jehovah we then taught the restauracion and he bore his own testimony of the apostasy and that the problem was that no one was following the Bible. I agreed and said that’s why we have so many churches. Then he told us that all of the answers to the Bible’s questions are in the Bible and that it never contradicts itself... he told us the flaw of our church is the belief that the soul is eternal and directed us to Ecclesiastes which states the dead know nothing and he believes that they are dead (unconscious) until resurrection. I threw out a couple of verses in Corinthians talking about spirit prison and Christ’s declaration to the thief on the cross, that today he would be with him in paradise yet how in his statement to mar touch me not I have not yet ascended to my father would insinuate that there is another world before heaven and how that for the dead to be taught they would have to be conscious (I don't remember anything form the classes I slept through!  Joke, ha ha!) He looked at us for a few minutes and told us that he would have to study and think a bit because the bible doesn't contradict itself. I bore my testimony and invited him to pray about what we had taught. He said he  would and we set up a cita for next week. He's one of the only people I've ever met that knows something about the Bible so I'm excited to teach him some more!

 Pday we did the normal stuff and we found Costco brand at Zona Franke. We then went out with Hermano Orlando and while the man is unlucky (every cita fell) we finally found Jennifer, the girl we hadn't taught who has had two assistances and wants to get baptized. After we taught her the restauracion she asked us for a Book of Mormon! And told us she would pray. Wednesday was weird but I'll have to tell you guys all about it next week sorry!


Elder Washburn

Me kissing the Mapuche foot... I'll now come back to Punta Arenas

Elders Bustamente and Bosa

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