Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 35 - We Hate Intercoms!

April 28, 2014

Hey guys!

How are ya doing?  This weeks been pretty good I've found a lot of amazing people and we're starting to work a lot more with the members. After writing you this Monday we left for ovajero to play ping pong and f'Ăștvolley, which is this awesome soccer version of volleyball the latins created because we can't play fĂștbol. We then left with Elder Hullinger and Rivera to Lider. Afterwards we came home, got changed and went to a reference that we got through the church. She didn't live there anymore but her daughter did and she invited us in. She's living with her boyfriend who is a prison guard. I can tell you now that they love their daughter more than anything! They’re flying her out to the big time Rush concert in Santiago! We then talked a little bit about his job as a guard at the prison in my sector. It's pretty small so I asked him if it was minimum security, he laughed and told me that until recently it was the maximum security prison for all of South America... I guess it makes sense if you want to get out you would have to fly or walk 200 miles across the frontera into Argentina. We taught them the restauracion and it was pretty good but they are the first active Catholics I've ever met and they were a bit skeptical on prayer.

Elder Gubler, Quezada, McDonald, Washburn, Rivera and Hullinger

Tuesday not much happened. We had district meeting and I solved a fun puzzle and was proclaimed a future AP. I doubt it, but it would be cool! Afterwards we set up a noche de hogar with Diana and contacted some great people. Walking down the river in my sector I saw an intercom on the gate of a house and while as missionaries we hate intercoms (it's easier to say no and it's always awkward) thank heavens for that telemarketing job before my mission.  Well it was really shiny and something pushed me to push it. Long story short, after a brief conversation, Sarah invites us into her home and tells us about her HUSBAND and two children and we set up a cita for this week!

Wednesday we had an awesome noche de hogar with Diana and her boyfriend a non-member friend and Diana's parents and grandparent. Halfway through the plan of salvation Elder Johnson called (MTC comp) but it wasn't our phone. It was Diana’s father's! Johnson then relates to me that I stole his member and that he had planned a noche de hogar with them. But Diana had invited her family. I guess when your inactive daughter calls to invite you to a family home evening with the missionaries it doesn’t matter what your plans were!

Thursday we spent the whole day planning for an activity for the ward. It was good and we taught the ward and invited them to teach their neighbors.

I've got a few awesome stories about Saturday and Sunday but I'll have to tell them next week so sorry! Love You all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Washburn

My new ferret friend! (it's stuffed)

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