Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 33 - Mastercard Moment...

April 14, 2014

Hey guys!

How’s it going? Not much happened this week but luckily I promised I would fill you in on the last week.  Wednesday we woke up, I made breakfast and way too many tsunami jokes with the 4 other missionaries until they all filed out and headed to their own sectors and pensiones. We then got ready, studied and left for the Austral chapel for choir practice.  We got there about 20 minutes ahead of time so we waited awhile and talked to other missionaries who got there early too. Elder Rivera showed up and told me that everything was fine (he’s from Viña del Mar where the tsunami hit). We then ate lunch, which wasn't amazing but tan poco horrible and then came back home, studied, went out again and gave way too much juice with a crazy but active member. Then our cita fell with a menos activos so we came home planned and went to bed.

Thursday we bumped into and taught some crazy people. It almost should have counted as two lessons because we taught one family member and then the other walked in and we taught the restoration again. Absolutely crazy! It took almost an hour just to get through the first vision without them telling us about how they took their 140 old grandmother to church or how when they where in the Falkland War, that all the people eat their bread like we take the sacrament with little cups and everything!

Friday was fun yet very discouraging. We woke up studied and then went down to the Plaza de Armas to sing. When we got there we weren't alone, we couldn't help not to notice that we had a little old evangelico dude shouting repentance and random Isaiah quotes at the top of his lungs. After he was out of breath... I mean finished speaking, he came down to talk to all of the missionaries. He congratulated us for our service at such a young age and then tiropiso-ed joseph smith and told us that we best stop worshiping him to avoid la ira del señor... Elder Bustamente (sick name right?) wanted to kill the man but decided to bear his testimony instead, I haven't seen an evangelico shut his mouth so fast. Heck of a guy (the elder) he's still in training. We then invited the crazy old guy to sing with us. He agreed and our first song was the one about the first vision. The look on his face as he sung “Josè saw the God of love,” was priceless, definitely a mastercard moment... We then taught the crazy family that we met yesterday (once again not sure why) we found out that the mother was in a psych ward for 6 months, the son is on anti-psychotics.  Walking home after this lesson, Macarena's (our baptism for the 26th) parents stop in the middle of the road and get out to tell us that even though they're all practically active members that Macarena wasn't ready to be baptized and that they would tell us when she could start taking the lessons... that was a bit of a downer.

Saturday and Sunday were conference. I sat down with English speaking friends, ate Reeses pieces and York peppermint patties and watched 12 hours of English TV. I finished Sunday’s session feeling so trunky! After Sunday’s session we came home to work a bit. (Saturday we got home at 12 after priesthood session) We visited a less active and her boyfriend, she knows the church is true she's just flojo (relaxed attitude) and he’s an atheist and a bit more duro... great lesson though.

Monday we had a fun zone activity, emailed, and hit Abmagosh. I found a lot of delicious food that I didn't think existed here. Tuesday we walked 18.32 miles and only had 11 contacts.  We had some good ones but these were literally everyone on the street that day. You could say it was a bit nippy! The winter hasn't hit so it's usually in the 60's but the wind on Tuesday killed me, no crazy 100 mile stuff yet.

Wednesday was an intercambio. I was with Elder Johnson, the secretary not my mtc comp.  It was fun and we had an amazing lunch and a good lesson with a member. The lesson with member was with this return missionary named Oscar.  I'll have to write you about him some time.

Thursday nothing happened

Friday we had divisions.  I was with Elder Lopez from Mexico City. It was fun we just didn't get too much done.

Saturday we had our last interviews with the President.  I'm running out of time if you can't tell so I'll fill you in next week I love you all and Hope you have a heck of a week!

Elder Washburn 

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