Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Week 20 - Best Mexican Food minus the rock!

January 13, 2014

Hey family!

 How are you guys? Happy to hear that I survived another week? I guess I'll just start off where I left you guys. After I emailed last week, I went to a Mexican restaurant that I had seen a few times but had never eaten at, the Taqueria Azteca. Got to be honest, it's some of the best mexican food I've had. I got a Dorado taco which is essentially a fried fajita with guacamole, so good! After that we headed down to Lider (Walmart) and bought food. This week I went for avocados, cheese, and took a chance on some Walmart great value mint chocolate chip ICECREAM! No real chocolate there of course but it's still pretty good.  The big risk was getting it home when it's 90 degrees outside! We came home and got the weed whacker from Jesse, and then I "mowed" our lawn. After using the garden scissors for the last 3 months I can tell you what a blessing an electric trimmer is!

When I finished, I woke up my companion and headed out the door to teach. We ended up running into Liset around seven. Liset is the daughter of an evangelico bishop of a church with no name…. it felt good to be out of the rain... ok I miss music and hate the rain but still she's great! Not sure if I've mentioned her. She's very receptive and always has a lot of questions. I gave her a Libro de Mormon and taught the plan of salvation and then bore my testimony. She agreed to read and pray for an answer.

The next day we set up an awesome teleconference with a matrimonial (couple missionary) in ConcepciĆ²n, Elder Pulsipher. He gave us a new system to find members that links MLS with the Chilean census, so much for separation of church and state! Kind of feel like big brother now but it's so cool! During the powerpoint for the instructions, they showed a picture of Michael Carter with one of his converts. The Pulsiphers weren't too surprised to hear that I knew him though, the guy must get around... After that we taught Ines who told us another story that solidified my ever firm belief that God truly has his hand in our lives. She was 13 and working in Santiago to help support her family. She was walking home from work at about two in the morning because she had taken the wrong bus. Today this wouldn't be a problem but this was during Pinochet and she was out past martial curfew. As she was walking down the sidewalk, a door opened and a man grabbed her and pulled her inside. Not a moment later, a patrol drove down the street. She told us that if she had been caught that we wouldn't be talking to her today. She is so strong and has a testimony like none other. She believes the same things that we do but she thinks that those beliefs are catholic and not against her church. That and like any decent investigator, she's moving shortly.

The next day nothing happened but we went to the Lopez's to read the Book of Mormon and to grab our laundry. We asked Brother Lopez how his airsoft match that we heard about went, and it turns out he's a pro! He shows us his gun, which is made out of real AR parts and has an EOtech HOLO sight! Don't want to know what it cost! Either way it's cool and we were invited to join in for a P day. Still asking permission, but it would be awesome! We've been doing lawn care for the neighbors in the morning and taught Marilyn and Barbara on Thursday but we didn't have too much time and so it was really more of a conversation with a few invitations.

Friday we had a Noche de Hogar (FHE) as a rama (branch), we taught a short lesson on missionary work and the sisters did a game where we had to eat chocolate with a knife and fork and dress up. It was hectic but soooo much fun! The Biggs ended up coming and the first thing they do is present me a small pebble, I'm awkwardly staring at this small rock, and they tell me that the Mexican place I recommended was the best food that they have eaten in Chile, but that Elder Biggs found a rock in his food... well I guess the hard way...? I was so embarrassed! Oh well it made for a good laugh.

Absolutely nothing happened Saturday, but Sunday was pretty great. Church had a record attendance at 57 members.  After ward council we ate lunch at the Nevarette's and before we headed in we finally refound the Cuevas! Turns out that the father is an ex osorno missionary. They haven't been visited in the last 7 years they've been here because someone got their address wrong. Didn't do too much but we read in the Book of Mormon in  Enos. And now… well I guess I'm here!

I love you guys and hope y'all have a great week because I know I will!

Elder Washburn

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