Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 18 - "Fair Weather Mormon"

December 30, 2103

Dear Family,

How's life? I'm guessing the cabin's amazing as always. Do tell everyone hi for me! Things are going great down here it's even cooling down a bit and yesterday we had rain! Really not much happened since I talked to you guys on Wednesday. We bumped into an inactive, which he said was a miracle because he's only home 3-4 days out of the month. He also thought I was Chilean which I thought was kinda awesome. My companion is still angry because a different guy called him Uruguayan. Apparently they are white, ugly, and really hard to understand. He just still doesn't believe me that I'm positive that he didn't mean that. He was a decently cool guy, not really interested in the gospel but I just found out that I'll be here for the next month so I'll have another shot. Yup, found out that I'm here for another transfer ya... Other than that really not much happened this week, it was just really slow. We were supposed to have a lesson with Barbara and with the President but they both just kept canceling on us. So we didn't really teach anyone that’s likely to progress. Sunday was kinda depressing, apparently fair weather mormon is a literal term here. It rained yesterday and we had less than 50% attendance. But I know that I get to hear how you guys are doing today so I'm ok! Ya I'm sorry there’s just not much to write about this week.  Pretty boring letter huh? Still love you guys!

Elder Washburn

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