Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 16 - Christmas Party!

December 15, 2013

It's been an interesting week, 9 days till Christmas (thanks for the advent calendar!) and it’s in the high eighties over here. Tuesday we woke up and helped Elder Renshaw get his bags packed, called a taxi, and headed to the bus station because we had a region conference. Took the 7:10 bus to Valdivia and we arrived at 8:40. Elder Renshaw didn't want to waste money on a taxi so we ended up dragging his luggage the 3 miles to the chapel... The conference was great! President and Sister Rappleye always make good speakers. At lunch we had soup and pollo rosada (pink chicken) or at least me and Elder Moreno did (awesome guy from Costa Rica and fluent in English..remember, he gave us the Jelly Bellies at the last meeting)but his wasn't pink, it was bright red and had a pulse! After lunch we had some more training and had a Christmas party! Unfortunately my memory card is full and the 16G cards don't work in my camera, (I'll look for some new ones but what I'll try to do is get a card reader so I can just transfer the files to the bigger cards and use them as hard drives.) …so I don't have any hilarious pictures of me in a red Santa hat... Now Elder Renshaw does, so I'll be waiting in fear for the day that those come out!  After the caroling and gifts from the Rappleyes, (first time I've been happy for socks! They gave us some candy and a cool wood fish bowl thing too.)  me and Elder Renshaw said our goodbyes and parted ways. Took a bus to Loncoche which is actually in the ConcepciĆ²n south mission and took a micro bus from their home.

Elder Moreno and Elder Gubler

The last few days have just been pretty normal. It's hot and we walk a lot and I'm trying to get used to the new companion. He's an interesting guy and I'm really trying to get to know him better. Nothing too special has happened this week. We've taught a few lessons but we still can't get anyone to come to church. Saturday we ate lunch with the Mamita and family. We had pizza, it was good.  Almendra bit me and I am getting to the point where I can understand about half the words that come out of Papito's mouth. My Spanish is coming along and I'm really starting to get close with the family. Although, Almendra's idea of a friend is a punching bag! Sister Fuentes, our Abuelita (mother of papito) showed up and the first words out of her mouth was “Elder Wachito!“  We laughed and had a decent conversation (now that I can talk). We basically tracked until our sita (appointment) with Barbara. As usual they fed us way too well! This time it was ice cream. I love once (family home evening) over there! Her mother still calls me Elder Wachito! My companion hates it and thinks I've told people to call me that, but to tell you the truth I love it, and it's really become a part of me. Saturday with Barbara, the family told me that they would always remember their one and only Elder Wachito! After the lesson with them Elder W (beginning to love the irony) forced us to sprint home even though we were already late. This was funny because he can't run... and was a little too out of breath to tell me to slow down. Yet even with the minute it took to fight off a pack of neighborhood dogs... I still cut 8 minutes off the average 10-11 minute trip back home!

Sunday was not so fun. None of our investigators could come to church and (one of them)  is drinking again. Mildly depressing to say the least, sort of like Pete’s moderately extraneous....Sacrament was great, it was only the first meeting because of elections and we didn't have to speak. (President just called, Renshaw's last present was to set his ringtone as the choir from the Phantom Menace. Scared the crap out of me! I told President “hi” from Sister Hillam though) Had lunch with the Nevarettes, it was delicious like always! Didn't really do too much actual work wise because next to no one was home. But afterwards we took the Biggs to Claudio Lopez, one of the district big wigs and gave him fruit. It’s always fun with them!

Pretty good week, trying to get along with the companion and show him around before I leave. I think I'll be leaving during the next transfer since I have a stepfather and that's usually what happens.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Washburn

Christmas Party for the Zone

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