Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week 14 - Happy Thanksgiving!

December 2, 2013

Thank you so much for that HILARIOUS story! His dad told him about the shock he experienced the Sunday after Thanksgiving when he went to put on his freshly pressed white shirt and couldn’t button it around his neck, then noticed it was quite tight around the chest also.  He concluded that maybe he had eaten too much over Thanksgiving and had put on a lot of extra weight in just a short time!  He was very relieved when he took the shirt off and realized it wasn’t his shirt but one of Hayden’s that had been left behind!  Sadly, he still had to wear it because he was late for his meeting and he didn’t have another pressed shirt!  That just made my week!

 Well the weeks been great!  I didn't have a 25 pound Norman Rockwell turkey but my Thanksgiving dinner wasn't half bad. I cooked up a half kilo of American steak that I had been saving. Usually I can only afford to have a little 5-6 oz portion so that was great and I felt sick afterwards just like Thanksgiving, I think that might have been the best part! Also, dinner with the Biggs was great, they took us out to a really good wood fired pizza joint.  I've got some letters coming, I never seem to run out of weird stuff to put in them and I keep having to put in another!

This week we bumped into a great investigator and his family! It was about 9:21 pm and we were just shooting in the dark trying to get contacts before we went home. Well we came to the end of a cul-de-sac and yelled. A man came out and lit a cigarette and told us he was an evangelico. Well I winced and was about to do an about face when he told us he left his church because it was corrupt. We start talking and he opens up about his family and his job. We shared some of our beliefs about families and he asked us to come in and meet his. Well we come to find out that in the last 7 years he's lived in his house that he has let one close friend into his house once. But he told us that he liked us and thought that there was something different about us. We taught a bit of the first lesson but unfortunately we had to haul home because we were already 21 minutes past what were supposed to be out (it was exactly 10:21). That was the highlight of the week but that day we also did a ton of service out in the country, and learned how bad these evil little caterpillars are. If you accidently smash one with your hand it will burn and be numb for the entire day! That happened to our friend Jesse the day before. Well besides that not much happened.

Well I didn't write in mom's Thanksgiving Gratitude book and we all know that no one gets out of that so I figured I would write you guys my Thanksgiving spiel…….

"I'm so grateful for a family that loves me, a dad who has been the best example of a father I could ever hope for and who loves us and works for us and spends the little free time he has with us. A mom who loves and more importantly feeds us, is ridiculously patient, and when we're threatened a true mother...grizzly down to the core!  A sister who's talented, smart, funny, and from what I've been told cute! Qualities I can be proud of even if none of them were learned from me.... A little brother who is creative, quirky, funny, and when it comes down to it very loving. He just wants everyone around him to be happy! Here in Chile I'm grateful for a roof over my head, good shoes, a warm bed, and a lot of other things that I've found aren't as common as you would hope. I’m thankful for a good Mamita and Papito who make me feel like I’m almost back home.  A missionary budget that lets me constantly treat myself, and a companion who is much better than the last. Last of all I'm grateful for a Heavenly Father who is blessing my family when I'm away and an older brother who's suffered for and with me for every hardship and mistake and this gospel which I've been given the honor to share with the wonderful people of Chile."

Please write that down for me.

I hope you have a great week!

Elder Washburn

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