Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 63 - Survived Dogs, Drunks and an Earthquake!

November 10, 2014

Hey guys how's it going?  It's been a bit of a crazy week out here in the campo, we've been chased by dogs, drunks, had a two man district meeting, and survived an earthquake! That really sums up the week but I guess you people are a little more detail oriented than I am so I think I'll just describe where I am, who I'm with, and what we've been doing the past week.

Ok I'm in Fresia, it's a microscopic town where they haven't bothered to give names on most of the streets let alone street signs.  It's a town of about 12000 but in all reality only 5000 live inside the city limits and the rest live out in the countryside and surrounding small towns where missionaries have never visited. So I'm with an awesome kid named Elder Roy, he's from Riverton Utah, extremely bright, speaks English and is a workaholic....all of which are GREAT in my book. We are in a district of 4...including us, which is a bit of a change from the last district but a whole lot easier. So before this Monday we were me, Roy, Menesses and Elder France (not his real name but close enough), but Elder France left, and we now have Elder Lawton.

Ok Monday was a bit nuts we ended up going to Puerto Varas which was awesome because I seemed to bump into all of my old buddies from Colon on the way there. So we got there and went to the chapel to watch 17 Miracles and eat pizza with the zone. The zone leaders pulled me to the side afterwards and told me that Elder France left for Osorno that morning to have an interview with Pte. Obeso because he wanted to go home...glad someone told me about that eventually. We then grabbed some groceries from Lider (because there’s not a single supermarket in Fresia) and left. We came home and went contacting and bumped into a lot of really good people and had a lesson with one of our best investigators named Gonzalo. He's got a great family and some adorable little girls. We ended up teaching them about the Book of Mormon and inviting them to read. It was a really good experience and he told us that he would love to read it and that just looking at it he thought it was true.

Tuesday we had the 2 man district meeting... we decided to throw it in the house because there really wasn't much sense in doing it at the church. It went pretty well, we essentially just had another weekly planning session and cleaned the house a bit.  As we were cleaning the kitchen the walls started to sway from side to side and there was a very large grating noise I can only describe as the sound of moving gravel. Turns out Fresia was the epicenter of a 6 earthquake, fun stuff, a lot cooler than it was scary!  We both were waiting for the after shock but it never came.   : (

Friday we had the zone conference which went pretty great.  It was good to hear from President and to see my old zone and district again. We talked to President about how our branch president wants to be relieved and then hopped on the 2 hour bus back to Fresia, We got there and started working and had a surprisingly effective day.  We bumped into a ton of menos activos and had two really fun lessons with drunks in the street one of them tried to "convince" me to give up my backpack but he was a little too drunk to stand let alone take it from me... funny stuff!

Saturday we went to Puerto Varas again for a zone council and sorry but I just ran out of time Sunday was great because the familia Bahamondez came out to Fresia to visit me! Apparently someone told them where I was and they have some family out here!

Love you guys have a great week!

Elder Washburn

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