Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 61 - ME FUI! Also, I'm a mom, Executive Secretary, Sunday school teacher, etc...

October 27, 2014

ME FUI! also I'm a mom, executive secretary, Sunday school teacher, etc...

Hey guys it's been a pretty crazy week! If you know Spanish or could tell from all of the crazy callings I'm obviously not in Kanas or Puerto Montt anymore... I got a call last Monday night telling me that I was going to be a mom in Fresia and actually become the daughter-in-law of Elder Solomon, even if I'm already his nephew (fist bump if you can figure that out, mi familia misional es bien complicado). 

So I went to Fresia, a tiny little pueblito about and hour and a half north of Puerto Montt to be Elder Roy's second companion (or his mom) who is the son of Elder Warburton, the son of Elder Solomon who is my uncle (elder Wise's brother) ....fun stuff! So I couldn't really do much to say goodbye because well, I only had Tuesday.

Tuesday morning I woke up at about 6 and got started on making a chorillana, which is a giant mess of fries, cheese, grilled onions, steak, and chorizo, so that I could hide Elder Souza's Moroni letter in it. I'll send a picture of it, poor guy almost died after we took the picture, priceless! So I had my last district meeting and it went really well.  We ended up doing the math and finding out that over 530,000 of the 583,359 members in Chile according to the statistics of Southern Chile were inactive. We then talked about working with menos activos and pf families because every baptism every missionary in the room had was from a pf family... fun stuff. Well we stuffed ourselves on the food, as a zone took photos, and then we wrote in each other's red books. We went to lunch with the Bahamondez family and told them the news and took pictures, because no one was going to be home later that day. Afterwards we went and tried to visit every family I knew in the ward and we actually got a lot more taught than I would have thought. Passed by Carlos (soon to be missionary) and gave him a tie with all of the hilarious "tie Quotes" my mom sent me once. He was really nice and gave me one of his awesome skinny ties. We had once with Jonathan and then met up with Marcello before going home to pack at 10, really sad day.

Wednesday was a bit of a shocker. We went to the bus station with all of my bags and met up with Elder Roy. We said goodbye to everyone and then headed on to a mini bus to Fresia. The trip was a bit shocking to say the least.  It was a very beautiful ride but on the way Elder Roy told me about Fresia. We're a branch of 14-20 people and he told me that I was probably going to be the branch president the way things were going, I was more than a little scared!  We got home and changed out of our suits to have lunch with papito, the current branch president.  I had met him before the last time I went to Fresia for a service project (by the way I'm back in the zone Puerto Varas!) Things were going all right, the food was amazing but I was told that the morale is really down and that he wants to call it quits as branch president.  Luckily we had a consejo de rama and everything has changed completely! He told everyone that he really wants to stick to it and be branch president as long as he could.  Let's just say I was really excited! Papito is amazing, he passed through Fresia a couple of years ago as the bishop of Colon and decided that they really needed some leadership so he moved here to be branch president, and quit his job at the Oilla in Puerto Varas as pastry chef (best restaurant in Puerto Varas). He is really cool person.

Sorry guys I don't know what happened but my time is up, I'll have to write later but I just want you to know that I love it here and I'm really excited to be in the country again!

Redneck for life,

Elder Washburn

Elder Souza's Moroni letter
I made ribs for Johnathan and his family

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