Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 66 - God Miraculously Answers Prayers

December 1, 2014

Hey guys it's been a pretty good week.  The news about transfers is that Elder Roy's leaving and I'm training Elder Christiansen from South Jordan, Utah. I'm excited but it's going to be really hard training someone down here because we don't have as much time to work as we should with our callings and now with the extra couple of hours of training we're not going to hardly teach at all. But I'm excited that they put me with a gringo, it should be really fun, either way I'll see Wednesday when I get to go with all of the dying elders to Osorno to pick him up and go through a seminar for trainers. There really shouldn't be too many, with the tiny group thats coming. I'm surprised to be training at all during my mission, I just came during an awkward time. Regardless, it'll be fun!

I don't have too much time to write today, I really don't know where it all goes but I think I'll try to just share a cool story we had this week about how God miraculously answers prayers. So this Tuesday we had an intercambio after our district meeting with Los Muermos, which is another tiny little pueblito about an hour and a half away from Fresia. We left and hauled to the bus station to catch the only bus that was going to leave before 3. When we got there we found out that we hadn't missed it but that it had caught on fire on the way here (something that happens more often than one would think). Well we tried to hire out a collectivo (kind of like a taxi) but they tried to charge us 50 dollars for whats a 3 dollar bus ride, so we went home and decided that we were just going to have to wait a few hours. We went home and changed and then me and Elder Meneses decided to go and get the tithing done. For some reason I took a right turn and decided to head the wrong direction. I was about to turn around when a Dodge truck pulled over and a man who I'd never seen before hopped out and shook our hands.  He told us that he was a member from Osorno and loved to talk with all of the missionaries he sees. He told us that he was heading to Los Muermos and when we told him about our problem he offered us a ride! He took an insane shortcut and while I'm not sure how anyone in a Dodge Dakota could hit 80 mph on a gravel road he did, and we got there in about 30 minutes, A THIRD OF THE TIME it should have, and we ended up getting there before the bus would have. The Church is true, nuff said, name of JesuCristo. Amen!

Elder Washburn

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