Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 10 - Baptism in our District!

November 4, 2013

Hey guys!

This letters gonna be pretty short I was too busy reading all your fantastic emails. Well this week has been pretty awesome! I didn't really teach anyone but we had a baptism in our district!  It was really funny, read Dad's letter about the amount of water in the font!

Excerpt from Dad’s letter:

Well Chileno is coming along. I've gotten to the point to where I can understand most of it, which is nice, except for the fact that I'm picking up on jokes about me... Oh well, that’s life! I'm doing great here and just saw my first baptism Saturday. It was a funny little ordeal. The woman was 7 months pregnant, like everyone I see here. When I asked Elder Renshaw if everyone here was pregnant he said, “no, just the women.” Well long story short, we almost didn't have enough water and her belly only went like a quarter inch under…. I’ve had a great week here I hope you’re having the same!

It’s been a pretty full week, we had the baptism, three English classes and a region meeting. The meeting involved everyone from Valdivia and up, at included at least a hundred missionaries, it was insane. The English classes have been going pretty well although we haven't yet really gotten anyone outside of the rama (branch) to go yet. Oh well, Elder Biggs is hilarious and I think they'll catch on soon. Well the elephant in the room was the huge day in Valdivia we woke up at 6:00 a.m. (shocking I know!) and headed to the bus station. We got on the bus and took a 3-4 hour trip down, I slept and read Jesus The Christ so it wasn't too bad. We got there for the "specialized training" to find out they're implementing a new stress management program. It seems pretty sound but a lot of what I read makes me think it will create a generation of wimpy missionaries. One of the chapters was titled, "Having Problems with Having to Work Hard?"  A little scared that people don't know what they're signed up for. Well that took till about 4:00 p.m. then we walked to the bus station and found out that the next bus left at 6 so we waited it out. It wasn't too bad, some how Elder Moreno had gotten his hands on a huge Costco jar of Jelly Belly’s that his friend's parents had brought down when they picked him up, sooo good! It would cost an arm and a leg to ship though!

Well it's been a good week besides not really having enough time to proselyte! I hope it was the same with you guys, busy but not stressful!

Love ya,

Elder Washburn

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